Wednesday, January 21, 2015



It is important to not overwhelm the young dog when introducing it to obedience training, for you risk hampering the dog's psychological development.  Damage at these early stages can keep the animal from reaching its full potential as an adult. The trainer should always introduce the behavior  with  a strong sense of motivation where the dog accepts and enjoys the alpha direction provided by the trainer [in the dog's interaction with its environment].This should be accomplished indirectly and without  conflict... direct confrontation will bring out aggression and nonconformity in a strong or socially aggressive dog, and submissiveness, timidity in a weaker, or softer dog. These are two extremes of the possible outcomes that training with conflict creates, however, there can be a variety of manifestations in social dysfunction.

In my opinion the worst part of direct negative training is that it perpetuate and increases the use of indiscriminant compulsion in a never ending cycle of a self-defeating dead end. The dog will eventually meet defeat. This  obviously hampers the animals ability to learn how to properly interact within its pack, within its environment, and therefore perform the task required of it, whether it be police work, sports or just a good family companion. However, when the dog is worked  properly, with a strong motivational foundation, the young dog develops confidence in its pack leader who can than properly and carefully constructs a base behavior/relationship where the dog can channel its drives and instincts in a constructive manner. The most salient of these is to understand the focus. The focus, as I use it here is best understood as total commitment from the young dog to the pack leader, and developing a willingness to work, an acceptance to learn behavior with a “sympathetic” positioning through play-prey within the pack structure.  This, I think is key.

Comments and positions on training theory are welcomed and encouraged.

Jesus Gonzalez.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

 How did the modern dog develop, how was it domesticated, who are his ancestors on the evolutionary scale? Follow this link for great info on the evolutionary development of our K9 friend...also there are some subcategories and classifications of different dogs...some are questionable here but, it still gives information on particular breeds that may be helpful to you . For more information or discussion feel free to call me at 813 546 3992 or visit my webpage at Jesus G.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

On purchasing a new puppy...signs to watch out for

Hi Folks...while searching around on the internet today, I found a really great article giving tips on what to look for when purchasing a puppy. This was mainly written for people seeking a good pet but it really should be viewed in a boarder sense. As the sport of Schutzhund grows many people are seeking working dogs to train and trial...and believe me, there are good and bad in all fields. Research and educate yourself before buying anything but especially when getting an animal. Follow this link and read this very informative article, it may end up saving you lots of money and heartaches.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bonita working at Iron Dog Schutzhund club

Bonita on the long down Before giving her superb obedience
performance @ Iron Dog Sch. Having
received her at ten months of age where she had
spent most of her early puppy hood in a kennel,
made training more difficult. It is imperative
that dogs begin their socialization and imprinting
at a very early stage. This would allow the
trainer to develop and expose the dog to a
variety of conditions helping the
temperament develop correctly... and limiting
future problems.
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Iron Dog Jesus Gonzalez Receives Metal for Bonita's BH

Great Day at the Iron Dog Sch club...Bonita Apol got her Bh and would later go on to receive her Ob 1 at Iron dog. I had a great time and met some really good dog people, dedicated to training and promoting the working dog. I wish the best to all the people there and thank them for sponsoring such a great trial. I also wish to thank the judge for his fair and uncompromising calls.  

Friday, November 23, 2007

Deniro and I @ a strategy meeting NexusHaus K9

Deniro loves conversation and is protesting not having got
enough "ball play" recreational time.
Call us for if you have any questions concerning Deniro or
general GSD discussion...we love our dogs and listen to all
they have to say.
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